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 We Need Volunteers!

We need you.

The Greater Derry Arts Council and the Derry Opera House are operated solely by volunteers.  You can view our mission and Business Plan, but the executive summary is that we promote affordable, family-oriented arts, culture and entertainment, primarily at the Opera House in downtown Derry.

One key factor in maintaining affordability, in ticket prices for patrons and in rental rates for production companies, is the volunteer labor that makes it all work.  Another key factor is fund raising and donations, and there are certainly needs that have to be met with money rather than with volunteer time.  On balance, however, volunteerism still plays a major role in keeping the arts alive in downtown Derry.

If you have ever attended a performance, or if you simply think that a thriving arts center in this area is important to you and your family, please consider helping us.  Many hands make light work, and it is not possible to maintain the level of service that the community has come to expect with just a few volunteers.

Please take a look at our list of Committees.  Can you envision yourself assisting in one of these areas, with whatever level of time commitment you have available?  Visit our Events page to find a standing schedule of committee meeting dates.

Please use our convenient on-line form to request to be contacted about volunteering opportunities.

Please contact us at (603) 437-0505 for additional information, or to volunteer, whether it be for a committee, a specific program, or just to help wherever the need is greatest.

Thank you !!

This page was last updated on:  Wednesday, June 13, 2012.


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