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Greater Derry's Got Talent 2017

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Greater Derry's Got Talent


Derry Opera House
29 West Broadway
Derry NH 03038



Admission to each event is $10

Each audience member will receive a single AUDIENCE vote ticket that is worth 10 points. This ticket will be used to vote for the act of their choice by placing it in the appropriate container located to the right of the stage. A panel of judges will select the winners and any ties will be broken using the audience votes.  There will also be an additional audience pick that will decided by the number of audience votes. Any ties in audience votes will be broken by the judges votes.

Since this is a fundraiser to support the Greater Derry Arts Council we will also be selling extra vote tickets. Particpating acts are encouraged to invite as many friends and family members as they can.

Additional AUDIENCE vote tickets are worth 1 point each and may be purchased for the following:

For the Preliminary Round, on Friday, the judges will pick the top ten acts and the audience will pick two additional acts. The winners will be announced at the end of that show.

For the Final Round, on Saturday, the judges will pick the top 3 acts and the audience will pick one additional act. The winners will be announced at the end of that show.

The winning acts from the Final Round will win the following as well as an invitation to perform at Derryfest the following day


Audition Information

Please note the following:


Dance Progressions
109 Hillside Avenue
Londonderry NH 03053



Use the "Request Audition" button at the top of this page to select the date and time you prefer. The sooner you sign up, the better chance you will have to get the time you want. If a special circumstance prevents you from auditioning on either of those dates, contact us using the button above and if possible we will try to accomodate you.

A non-refundable entry fee will be collected at the audition. The fee is $15 per performer. This fee is capped at $90 per act so if you have more than 6 performers in a single act you will not have to pay the entry fee for those additional members. The entry fee will be returned if for some reason you are not selected to perform.

Auditions are scheduled every 10 minutes beginning at 6:00p and ending at 8:00p

If we have less than 15 acts sign up, we will skip the preliminary round and have all contestants compete in the final round.

Press the "Contact " button at the top of this page to send an email with any questions you have regarding the show or auditions.

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