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Derry Opera House
Certified Production Staff

The Derry Opera House operates without the benefit of regular paid staff.  Rental rates are kept low by utilization of volunteer and stipend-based labor, whenever possible.

Each user of the Opera House is required to provide for housekeeping and cleaning as part of their rental agreement.  In addition, each user is required to retain the services of Certified Production Staff for certain key production positions, whenever the nature of the production or event entails the corresponding production disciplines.  A Certified House Manager is required for all events with an audience, in order to comply with the NH State Fire Code.

This program is very similar to the one used by the City of Concord, NH in managing the Concord City Auditorium.  It has served that venue well for years.  The purpose of the program is to ensure that both the facility and production equipment are used in a safe, careful and professional manner, and that the production requirements of your event are met in a safe and effective manner.

There are four categories of Certified Production Staff:  (Scroll down for a listing of names and certification status.)

The scope of responsibilities for each of the positions is described in a Job Description, available via the hyperlinks in the above list.  Both Certified Production Staff and production company staff should familiarize themselves with the these roles and responsibilities.  Non-certified technicians may hold "operating" staff positions, such as Light Board Operator or Sound Board Operator, when working under the supervision of Certified Production Staff.  Note that the Certified Production Staff is responsible for training and supervision of any operating staff, as well as making suitable arrangements for routine problem resolution coverage during the production run, such as replacing blown lamps, etc.  The Opera House Staff Technical Director is also available to assist with technical problem resolution. Hours of availability will vary.  Coverage is not 24/7.

Certified Production Staff must be familiar with the facility specifications and usage guidelines contained in the Opera House Technical Package.

The Opera House provides an ongoing certification program for production staff.  This program consists of:

  • Formal training workshops

  • Facility familiarization tours

  • Internships (on-the-job training)

  • Evaluation by the Staff Technical Director

Please contact us to find out when workshops are scheduled or to enroll in one of the internship programs.  Highly knowledgeable and well experienced individuals may skip to the evaluation step.  For most volunteer technicians, a combination of formal training (workshops) and on-the-job training (working on shows) will be required.  Please understand that this process takes a certain amount of time.  Certification or experience in other venues is not automatically transferable to the Opera House, in the sense of "reciprocity".

Certification is conferred by the Staff Technical Director, based on observation of demonstrated proficiency.  Participation in other elements of the certification program is supportive of the process, but does not confer certified status.

The Opera House maintains a list of current certified staff for the reference of all users.  Some of the individuals listed are volunteers and some are professional vendors.  Any arrangements for provision of services are solely between Opera House users (renter) and the individual certified production staff.  Some of the volunteers will work your show or event for free (or "work for food") and some ask a nominal stipend.  The recommended stipend for individuals is $12.50 per hour, with a four hour minimum per day.  If you ask a certified production staff person, who is not a member of or otherwise affiliated with your group, to work on your show you should normally expect to offer that person a stipend.  Professional vendors, because this is their livelihood, typically command a more substantial contracted services fee.  Contact information is provided via hyperlink from the name field, below.

List of Certified Production Staff

Click on name for contact information
Name House
Dave Nelson Yes Yes Yes Yes TD
Al Fairbrother Yes Yes Yes ATD
Steve Devino Yes ATD
Dan Melillo Yes Yes Yes A
Dennis Schneider Yes Yes A
Dan Noe Yes A
Abby Noyce Yes A
John Sauter Yes A
Mike Gendron Yes A
Craig Brennan Yes A
Dan Merriman Yes Yes A/P
Denis Gosselin (MFI Productions) Yes Yes Yes P
Norm St. Germain (Academic Production Services) Yes Yes P
Charles Galley (Galley Theatre Lighting) Yes Yes P
Jim Browne Yes Yes Yes ATD
Rainbow Production Services (Note 1) Yes Yes Yes P
Tom Morgan (Note 2) Yes Yes Yes A
Rick Elliot (MFI Productions) Yes Yes Yes P
Bob Oxford Yes A
Mark Beland Yes A
Alan Lerner Yes A
Pat Pettengill Yes Yes ATD
Lance Placey Yes A
D. J. Hansen Yes A
Nancy DeLew Yes A
Sue Honeywell Yes A
Brenda Gile Yes A
Chris Stikeman Yes A
Peggy Kangas Yes A
Ann Krupp Yes A
Annette Griffin Yes A
Cheryl Stancik Yes A
Rosemary Dann Yes A
Pam Bowen Yes A
Laurie Laurent Yes A
Thomas Vallante Yes A
Frank Rydstrom Yes A
Andrea Stasio Yes A
Lisa DeFazio Yes A
Matt Peloquin Yes A
Mariah Herlihy Yes A
Bernie Goulet Yes A
Rob Tanguay Yes A
Josie Thomas Yes A
Kerri Torrisi Yes A
Heather Price Yes A
Karen Bessette Yes A
Michelle D.J. Graham Yes A
Mark Berglund Yes A
Chantelle Boyle Yes A
Randee Rae Martin Yes A
Caitlin Nelson Yes A
Aimee Baker Yes A
Karleen Howard Yes A
Nikki Aubert Murray Yes A
Christopher Cain Yes A
Michelle Cain Yes A
Nathan Lamb Yes A
Cindy Maio Yes A

The abbreviations used in the Status column are:

  • TD -- Staff Technical Director for the Opera House

  • ATD -- Assistant Technical Director for the Opera House

  • A -- Avocational (volunteer or part-time)

  • P -- Professional (full time)

Note 1: This is a large-scale light and sound production company, with various staff technicians.  Please contact the Opera House Staff TD prior to engaging their services.

Note 2: Typically only available for working his/her own company's shows.

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